On behalf of the existing madisonian.net crew, I am delighted to note that Ann Bartow, my longtime friend and IP colleague who teaches at the University of South Carolina School of Law, is bringing her inimitable IP blogging to madisonian.net. 

As many remember, for a long time Ann blogged on IP and information law at Sivacracy.  That blog shut down recently as its proprietor, Siva Vaidhyanathan, shifted his focus to The Googlization of Everything, at The Institute for the Future of the Book. 

Of  course, Ann will remain one of the leading voices at Feminist Law Professors.

Welcome, Ann!

4 Thoughts to “Ann Bartow to Join madisonian.net”

  1. Thanks! Many of my favorite IP law prof colleagues blog here and I’m really happy to join up.

  2. Siva Vaidhyanathan

    Great news, Michael!

    One note of caution: Ann’s posts will be so prolific, witty, and popular that your rep might suffer. 🙂

    Rock on.

  3. Ann Bartow

    Sivacracy was a great place to blog and I really miss it. But this will be fun too, I’m pretty confident about that.

  4. What wonderful news! In what has been a dreary patch of IP and political news, I am thrilled we are getting back our daily dose of Ann Bartow’s take on the world. It will ensure that reading blogs remains fun.

    Now if you could only get William Patry to come on board as well, life might be good again…

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