Elizabeth Townsend Gard Joins Madisonian

Welcome Elizabeth Townsend Gard to the madisonian.net roster.  Elizabeth is Associate Professor at the Tulane University Law School (full official profile here). She is co-director and co-founder of Tulane’s Center for Intellectual Property Law & Culture, and director and co-inventor of the Durationator(r) Copyright Experiment, a software program that determines the worldwide copyright status of every kind of cultural work. With Ron Gard, she is beginning a Tulane University spin-out, Limited Times LLC, that will provide self-help legal educational resources to artists, scholars, filmmakers, content owners, digitizers, and anyone else needing copyright help, which utilizes the research and work of the Durationator(r) Copyright Experiment. In additional to her specialization in copyright, she teaches property, art law, trademarks, international intellectual property, and intellectual property.

I could go on and on, but you get the point (and can look up and download Elizabeth’s excellent copyright law scholarship here, at her SSRN page).

Welcome, Elizabeth!