There Are No Poor People in the Rust Belt


In recent days, I’ve come across not one but two online features that celebrate contemporary Pittsburgh for its economic and cultural sexiness. Largely because of the regional tech economy, the millennials and GenXers who dominate it, and the insistence of Pittsburgh’s Old Guard that what you see today was always the plan for economic recovery after the collapse of steel in the early 1980s, Pittsburgh is back, baby! If this were Southern California and if there were waves on the three rivers, I could imagine Jeff Spicoli saying, “Hey bud! Let’s party!” Continue reading

The Future of Law Teaching

SLU LawThe faculty of the St. Louis University School of Law invited me to deliver the 2017 Vincent C. Immel Lecture on Teaching Law on April 20, 2017. The lecture was and is not designed for journal publication, but I thought that some (including the audience at SLU) might be interested in what I said. Some of my themes recapitulate things that I’ve written about before, on this blog, on other blogs, and/or in papers posted to SSRN. My remarks, extended and edited and with some end notes, appear below. Continue reading

What I Didn’t Know About Pittsburgh, #1

Carrie Furnace and the Oakmont Country Club.  George Westinghouse and the Pittsburgh Opera.

These things go in pairs – Pittsburgh’s industrial history and its contemporary arts and cultural resources.  Having written about Pittsburgh for close to 15 years, I’ve learned about a lot of those pairings.  What’s good for the bank account often turns out to be good for the spirit. Continue reading