Internet: Governance and Law

*The Internet: Governance and the Law*

*Civil Society and the Governance of *

*Multimodal Communication*

* *

26-29 October 2008

* *

*McGill** University***

* *

*MONTRÉAL, Canada*

* *

*The Center for International Legal Studies in cooperation with McGill University and the Suffolk School of Law invites abstracts for papers on the role of civil society in the formulation, adoption and implementation of policies, regulations and laws affecting multimodal communication by governments and international organizations.*

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Future Of . . . Law & Tech in Florence

On the 28th and 29th October 2008 the European University Institute will host in Florence the first edition of “The Future of…” – Conference on Law & Technology, organized by the InfoSoc Working Group in conjunction with the Law Department of the European University Institute.

Such conference aims to be an original and ground-breaking symposium, attracting quality papers dealing with prospective studies and analyzes of legal developments and transformations expected in the future. Taking into account the present technological trends affecting society, the “Future of…” Conference challenges scholars to think and foresee the main problems and changes that Law will face and suffer in the upcoming future of ambient technologies, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, web 3.0, mixed realities (convergence between virtual and physical domains), autonomous software agents, artificial intelligence and many other features and elements.