Hate and Democracy Online at Fordham


Fordham Law School to Host Fourth Law and Information Society Symposium

NEW YORK, NY – Fordham Law School will host an all-day symposium titled Hate Versus Democracy on the Internet on March 26, 2010. From political blogs to the exposure of rights abuses, the Internet advances communication and the free flow of information that is at the heart of democracy. Yet, from Holocaust deniers to terrorist organizers, the Internet also serves as an enabler for extremists promoting hate, violence and the corrosion of democratic values. This conference will explore the legal and policy dimensions of the Internet’s dual impact.

The event features keynote speaker Jing Xhao (aka Michael Anti), Political Columnist and Blogger and Harvard Nieman Fellow; Nicole Wong, deputy general counsel of Google, Inc; Joel Reidenberg, professor of law and academic director of the Center on Law & Information Policy at Fordham Law School; and many other leaders in the field. The panel topics are: The Internet as a Dual Use Technology: Democracy and Extremism; Distinguishing Hate Speech from Legitimate Political Expression; Online Hate Speech and Diverse International Concerns; How to Combat Hate Speech While Promoting Democracy. The event is free and open to the public. CLE credit will be available for a fee. The full schedule is available at: www.law.fordham.edu/CLIPconference

Date: Friday, March 26, 2010
Time: 9am to 5pm
Location: Pope Auditorium (60th Street and Columbus Avenue)
Sponsor: Center on Law & Information Policy

Contact: Jamela Debelak
Telephone: (212) 930-8878
Email: debelak@law.fordham.edu