IP and Biosciences at Griffith University

[CFP] Intellectual Property and the Biosciences: Past trends and future
directions, Griffith University, Brisbane, 7 & 8 July

International workshop organised by Berris Charnley & Charles Lawson
(IPBio, ACIPA, Griffith University)

The relationship between intellectual property and the biosciences is an
integral part of the so-called biotech revolution, a movement which has
positioned the biotechnological-fix as an answer to some of the most
pressing concerns facing the planet in the 21st Century. In assessing
whether new crops and medicines will stave off threats from
environmental and biodiversity degradation as promised – and how these
innovations will promote or impinge on human equality – intellectual
property, its relationship with the biosciences and its role in this
future market will be a defining part of that inquiry.

The workshop will focus on intellectual property and the biosciences
from a range of disciplinary perspectives and working contexts,
including law, history, philosophy, sociology, science, policy and
industry. The relationship between intellectual property and the
biosciences is a vast and complex area of research to which many
different analytic approaches are necessary. Recent events, particularly
the US and Australian Supreme Courts’ Myriad decisions on gene
patenting, have changed the state of play dramatically; indicating this
is also a rapidly moving field of inquiry .

Participants: Graham Dutfield (University of Leeds), Kara W. Swanson
(Northeastern University), Charles Lawson (ACIPA, Griffith University),
Bronwyn Parry (KCL), Matthew Rimmer (ACIPA, Griffith University) Jay
Sanderson (ACIPA, Griffith University).

There are very limited funds to partially cover the cost of speakers. If
you would like to present a paper please send a title and abstract to
berris.charnley@gmail.com by June 21st.

Registration for the event is free, although we will ask you to cover
the cost of food and drinks. Spaces are limited.

Contact: Berris Charnley, berris.charnley@gmail.com

Registration: Karen Hart, karen.hart@griffith.edu.au

Program and further details to follow shortly, see ipbio.org