Legal Writing References – 2

From a recent legal news story on things the lawyers do that that rub corporate counsel — i.e., clients — the wrong way:

You may feel compelled to search high and low for the answer to your client’s question by sending a team of associates to the library for days on end and then producing a 50-page memo accounting for every possible scenario.

But … your client probably doesn’t have time to read that memo, nor is he interested in paying for it, especially if he didn’t ask for it.

“I don’t want a 50-page memorandum covering every case there’s ever been that’s ever been cited on this issue in any of the 50 states, for which of course there will be a huge fee,” said Frank Vecella, associate general counsel for litigation at Ericsson Inc.

“I’m just as happy with a two-line e-mail response with the lawyer saying my hunch is it’s going to be this,” Vecella said. ….

“When we’re asking for advice, when we need a communication from you, make it simple and make it understandable,” said Rich Baer, general counsel and chief administrative officer of Qwest Communications International Inc.

“What I need is good, sound, practical advice,” Baer said. “Pie-in-the-sky law school dissertations don’t help me in trying to run our business.”