Reading and Class Assignments

How to read the Syllabus: Except as noted below, each assignment below corresponds tentatively to one class period, though the amount of material to be covered in class, the order of the assignments, and/or the contents of a particular assignment may be changed by prior announcement. Note, for example, that we will have more class meetings than there are assignments. I will make every effort to incorporate new developments in trademark law into the Syllabus, where appropriate.

The page numbers listed below under “Casebook” refer to Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Mark D. Janis, Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Law and Policy (Third Edition, 2010). “Softcover Supplement” refers to Graeme B. Dinwoodie & Mark D. Janis, Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Law and Policy 2012-2013 Statutory Supplement. For some assignments, other required supplemental cases or materials have been posted online. Those cases are separately identified in each assignment.  They can be downloaded below and at the Course Information page.

Within each assignment, the Syllabus notes the principal case(s) covered in the text. In addition to the assigned readings, where a case or other material refers to the Lanham Act (Title 15 of the United States Code), students are responsible for locating and reading the section(s) of the Act to which the text refers, either in the Casebook or in the Softcover Supplement. A free, online version of the Lanham Act is online here.

For several of the units of reading, optional law review articles are included. Some of these are relatively short. Some are quite long. Reading some or all of them will give students a deeper picture of the current state of trademark law and policy than students will get by focusing on appellate cases and the statute alone. All of the articles are available via Westlaw and LexisNexis.

I. Foundations and Purposes of Trademark and Unfair Competition Law

Optional: Glynn S. Lunney, Jr., Trademark Monopolies, 48 Emory L.J. 367 (1999)

  • Class 1: Introduction Casebook 3 -27 [plus supplemental materials on “Pittsburghade” and “Pantherade” marks.] (Hanover Star Milling Co. v. Metcalf; Mishawaka Rubber & Woolen Mfg. Co. v. S.S. Kresge Co.; Yale Electric Corp. v. Robertson; Prestonettes, Inc. v. Coty; International News Service v. Associated Press; Dastar Corp. v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.)
  • Class 2: Illustrations Casebook 27 – 41 (Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. v. Capece)

 II. Trademarks at the Intersection of Law and Business

  • Class 3: The Uses of Trademarks: Transactions Casebook 937 – 959 (Sugar Busters v. Brennan; E&J Gallo Winery v. Gallo Cattle Co.; Clorox Co. v. Chemical Bank; Dawn Donut Co. v. Hart’s Food Stores, Inc.; Exxon Corp. v. Oxxford Clothes, Inc.)
  • Class 4: The Uses of Trademarks: Institutions Casebook 590 – 607 (Inwood Laboratories, Inc. v. Ives Laboratories, Inc.; Tiffany (NJ) Inc. v. eBay Inc.)

III. Creation of Trademark Rights

Optional: Graeme B. Dinwoodie, The Death of Ontology: A Teleological Approach to Trademark Law, 84 Iowa L. Rev. 611 (1999)

  • Class 5: Distinctiveness Casebook 45 – 68 (Abercrombie & Fitch Co. v. Hunting World, Inc.; In re Oppedahl & Larson, LLP; Zatarain’s, Inc. v. Oak Grove Smokehouse, Inc.)
  • Class 6: Distinctiveness Casebook 68 – 92 (Filipino Yellow Pages, Inc. v. Asian Journal Pubs, Inc.; Mil-Mar Shoe Co., Inc. v. Shonac Corp.; Haughton Elevator Co. v. Seeberger; Murphy Door Bed Co. v. Interior Sleep Systems, Inc.; Blinded Veterans Assn v. Blinded American Veterans Found.; Peaceable Planet, Inc. v. Ty, Inc.)
  • Class 7: Distinctiveness Casebook 92 – 131 (Star Indus., Inc. v. Bacardi & Co., Ltd.; Two Pesos, Inc. v. Taco Cabana, Inc.; Qualitex Co. v. Jacobsen Products Co., Inc.; Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Samara Brothers, Inc.; In re Slokevage; Yankee Candle Co., Inc. v. Bridgewater Candle Co., LLC AND Amazing Spaces, Inc. v. Metro Mini Storage in the Softcover Supplement)
  • Class 8: Subject Matter Exclusions Casebook 131 – 155 (In re Clarke; Oliveira v. Frito-Lay, Inc.; Comedy III Productions, Inc. v. New Line Cinema; In re First Draft Inc.; Dastar Corp. v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.; Bretford Mfg, Inc. v. Smith Sys. Mfg. Corp. AND Universal Furniture Int’l, Inc. v. Collezione Europa USA, Inc. in the Softcover Supplement)
  • Class 9: Functionality Casebook 157 – 195 (In re Morton-Norwich Products, Inc.; Wallace Int’l Silversmiths, Inc. v. Godinger Silver Art Co., Inc.; Brunswick Corp. v. British Seagull Ltd.; Qualitex Co. v. Jacobson Prods. Co., Inc.; Vornado Air Circulation Sys., Inc. v. Duracraft Corp.)
  • Class 10: Functionality Casebook 195 -226 (TrafFix Devices, Inc. v. Marketing Displays, Inc.; Valu Engineering, Inc. v. Rexnord Corp.; Eppendorf-Netheler-Hinz GmbH v. Ritter GmbH; Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc. v. American Eagle Outfitters; Au-Tomotive Gold, Inc. v. Volkswagen of America, Inc. AND Franco & Sons, Inc. v. Franek; In re Becton, Dickinson & Co.; Specialized Seating, Inc. v. Greenwich Indus., L.P.; Erbe Elektromedizin GMBH v. Canady Technology LLC; Christian Louboutin S.A. v. Yves Saint Laurent America, Inc. in the Softcover Supplement)

Memorandum Assignment Number One will be distributed around this time. The Assignment will be due on Friday, October 11, 2013.

  • Class 11: Use Casebook 227 – 247 (Aycock Engineering, Inc. v. Airflite, Inc.; Planetary Motion, Inc. v. Techsplosion, Inc.)
  • Class 12: Use Casebook 247 – 289 (Brookfield Communications, Inc. v. West Coast Entertainment Corp.; Warnervision Entertainment Inc. v. Empire of Carolina, Inc.; In re Rath; The Boogie Kings v. Guillory; Coca-Cola Co. v. Busch)
  • Class 13: Abandonment Casebook 290 – 315 (Emergency One, Inc. v. American Fireeagle, Ltd.; Stanfield v. Osborne Industries, Inc.; University Book Store v. University of Wisconsin Board of Regents)
  • Class 14: Registration Casebook 317 – 347 (Harjo v. Pro-Football Inc.; In re Budge Manufacturing Co., Inc.)
  • Class 15: Registration Casebook 347 – 363 (Burke-Parsons-Bowlby Corp. v. Appalachian Log Homes, Inc.; In re California Innovations, Inc.)

IV. Scope and Enforcement of Trademark Rights

  • Class 16: Geographic Limits Casebook 383 – 399 (United Drug Co. v. Theodore Rectanus Co.; Dawn Donut Co., Inc. v. Hart’s Food Stores, Inc.; National Ass’n for Healthcare Communications, Inc. v. Central Arkansas Area Agency on Aging, Inc.)
  • Class 17: Territoriality Casebook 399 – 424 (Person’s Co., Ltd. v. Christman; Grupo Gigante v. Dallo & Co., Inc.; ITC Limited v. Punchgini, Inc.; Empresa Cubana Del Tabaco v. Culbro Corp.)

Optional: Mark A. McKenna, The Normative Foundations of Trademark Law, 82 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1839 (2007)

  • Class 18: Likelihood of Confusion Casebook 459 – 475 (Borden Ice Cream Co. v. Borden’s Condensed Milk Co.; Fleischmann Distilling Corp. v. Maier Brewing Co.; Holiday Inns, Inc. v. 800 Reservations, Inc.)
  • Class 19: Likelihood of Confusion Casebook 475 – 504 (1-800 Contacts, Inc. v., Inc.; Rescuecom Corp. v. Google, Inc.; Bosley Medical Institute, Inc. v. Kremer)
  • Class 20: Likelihood of Confusion Casebook 505 – 525 (Virgin Enterprises Ltd. v. Nawab; McDonald’s Corp. v. Druck and Gerner, D.D.S., P.C., d/b/a/ McDental; Libman Co. v. Vining Industries, Inc.)

Memorandum Assignment Number Two will be distributed around this time. The Assignment will be due on Friday, November 15, 2013.

  • Class 21: Likelihood of Confusion Casebook 525 – 558 (Boston Professional Hockey Association, Inc. v. Dallas Cap & Emblem Mfg., Inc.)
  • Class 22: Confusion Away from the Point of Sale Casebook 558 – 590 (Playboy Enters., Inc. v. Netscape Comm’ns Corp.; Gibson Guitar Corp. v. Paul Reed Smith Guitars, LP; Ferrari S.P.A., Esercizio v. Roberts; A&H Sportswear, Inc. v. Victoria’s Secret Stores, Inc.)

Optional: Barton Beebe, Search and Persuasion in Trademark Law, 103 Mich. L. Rev. 2020 (2005)

  • Class 23: Non-Confusion-Based Trademark Liability Theories Casebook 609-635 (Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows, Inc. v. Utah Division of Travel Development; Toys “R” Us, Inc. v. Akkaoui; Toys “R” Us, Inc. v. Feinberg; V Secret Catalogue, Inc. v. Moseley)
  • Class 24:  Non-Confusion-Based Trademark Liability Theories Casebook 635-647 (Starbucks Corp. v. Wolfe’s Borough Coffee, Inc. AND Visa Int’l Service Assoc. v. ISL Corp. in the Softcover Supplement)
  • Class 25: Indirect and Vicarious Theories of Infringement Liability Casebook 590 – 607 (this is a reprise of the materials from Class 4) (Inwood Laboratories, Inc. v. Ives Laboratories, Inc.; Tiffany (NJ) Inc. v. eBay Inc.)
  • Class 26: Permissible Uses Casebook 703 – 737 (K.P. Permanent Make-Up, Inc. v. Lasting Impression I, Inc.; International Stamp Art, Inc. v. United States Postal Service; R.G. Smith v. Chanel, Inc.; Century 21 Real Estate Corp. v. LendingTree, Inc. AND Fortune Dynamic, Inc. v. Victoria’s Secret Stores Brand Mgm’t, Inc.; Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. v. Tabari; and Univ. of Alabama Board of Trustees v. New Life Art, Inc. in the Softcover Supplement)
  • Class 27: Permissible Uses Casebook 764-801 (Anheuser-Busch, Inc. v. Balducci Publications; Mattel, Inc. v. MCA Records, Inc.; E.S.S. Entertainment 2000, Inc. v. Rock Star Videos, Inc.; Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. v. Haute Diggity Dog, LLC AND Rosetta Stone Ltd. v. Google, Inc. in the Softcover Supplement)

Memorandum Assignment Number Three will be distributed during the last week of class. The Assignment will be due on the last day of exams.