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Roasting Judge Alito

Another story from the Star-Ledger, as I continue my New Jersey visit … This time, about a coffee blend created five years ago, for Judge Alito, called “Judge Alito’s Bold Justice Blend.” Seems that one of his law clerks, getting a birthday gift for the Judge, created the blend, and it stuck. The coffee place is T.M. Ward Coffee, and its on-line store (which has the Alito Blend on the front page) is here. According to the story, Judge Alito “has been a regular customer at the store on Broad Street since 1987.” Charming!

1 thought on “Roasting Judge Alito”

  1. Does this mean that with Alito as a Supreme the court would hear more or cases or fewer? Maybe on all that coffee he would obsess over the details and drag out arguments forever. Maybe it would even give him an unfair advantage over the other justices and unusual influence on the Court. The Senate is going to have to grill him on his views on decaf.

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