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Whining About Copying

That’s a harsh title for a post about a NYT story by someone who spent a lot of time designing renovations to her house and ends up unhappy that other people want to copy “her” work.

I think it’s a fair description. Our “author” put a lot of time and money into her house. Now others are “free riding” on her efforts. She deserves the Standard Response of IP Theory (henceforth: SPIT): If you don’t want people to copy your interior design, don’t let them see the inside of your house. If you can’t avoid letting them see the inside of your house, then charge them an admission fee. Or make them sign an agreement stipulating that the design is a trade secret and they are bound by a confidential relationship not to disclose or use it. Or — what I think is the best option — take your hard-earned and precious gift as a designer and get licensed as an interior decorator, then charge your friends and all others a very respectable fee for being in your company while touring stores and warehouses. But don’t stand there and do *nothing* and complain that you’re being ripped off.