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CC, see ?

I remember Adam Curry from his vjay days on MTV.

He’s recently prevailed against a print magazine in a copyright case in the Netherlands. The case is important, I think, because the magazine published photos that Curry had authored and then posted on Flickr, the photo-sharing-and- social-tagging site. (It’s easy enough to find photos of Curry on Flickr.) By including the photos in its commercially published magazine, the defendant used the photos in a way that went beyond the terms of the Creative Commons license Curry had put on the photos.

Prof. Bernt Hugenholtz, by way of Creative Commons Canada‘s weblog, provides a translation of key portions of the Dutch trial court’s decision in Curry’s favor on the Creative Commons question. If you’re interested in efforts such as Creative Commons, it’s a must-read. Pamela Jones blogs the story at Groklaw, and Adam Curry blogs the story at