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IP panels at ALEA

There have been some posts elsewhere about the ALEA meeting in Berkeley this past weekend. I thought it was a great conference. I learned a lot and met a fantastic group of people. There were three great IP panels.

Panel #1:
Thomas F. Cotter, “The Procompetitive Interest in Intellectual Property Law”
Linda R. Cohen, “Competition, Innovation and Racing for Priority at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office”
Michael J. Meurer and Jim Bessen, “A Model of Patent Litigation with Endogenous Disputes”

Panel #2:
Ronald J. Mann and Thomas W. Sager, “Patents, Venture Capital, and Ups”
Mark Lemley and Carl Shapiro, “Royalty Stacking”
Michael Abramowicz, “The Problem of Patent Underdevelopment

Panel #3:
Brett M. Frischmann and Mark A. Lemley, “Spillovers”
F. Scott Kieff, “Coordination, Property and Intellectual Property: Approach to Anticompetitive Effects & Downstream Access”
Robert P. Merges, “A Transactional View of Property Rights”

Also, Doug Lichtman presented an interesting paper, Irreparable Benefits. Other papers are available at bepress. In addition, check out the Authors’ Bazaar.