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No Copyright for Scents in England

Hat tip to Susan Scafidi for the news. I can’t add much to her commentary, or my earlier take–but I have to link to this funny story on the NYT’s new fragrance critic, Chandler Burr. Here’s a great excerpt of his work:

Jo Malone’s perfume genius is light – not light as an antonym of heavy but light as in photon radiation. Think about Grapefruit cologne or French Lime Blossom, that radiant glass roof sensation. This is what makes Pomegranate Noir such a departure for Malone. This is the scent of the darkness that inhabits a Rubens painting, a warm, rich, purple blackness. Pomegranate Noir is like a box of truffles with the lid on, sweet bits of darkness, waiting.

I’m sorry we don’t have an olfactory interface here!