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A return to active blogging?

I need to get reactivated as a blogger.  I’ve been busy wrapping up the semester and working on a few writing projects, two of which are on ssrn:  (1) Spillovers in a much revised and expanded form with applications of the theory to copyright, patent, and network neutrality; and (2) Essential Facilities, Infrastructure, and Open Access with Spencer Weber Waller, which is in early-draft form and constantly evolving  (Comments are welcome, and if you’d like the most recent version, email one of us). 

I hope to post two more papers soon (hopefully by early January):  (1) Network Neutrality and The Economics of an Information Superhighway, with Barbara van Schewick; and (2) Cultural Environmentalism as a Lens to (Re)View The Wealth of Networks, my review of Yochai Benkler’s excellent book.  So my return to active blogging may be somewhat slow … and may be slower in January upon arrival of my second son.  But I’ll be back…