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Really Bad Movies

Via the Boston Globe Brainiac Blog, I came across this Defective Yeti’s Bad Review astonishingly selective parade of “zingers” panning movies. Here’s a few choice picks:

Rent: “Commodified faux bohemia on a platter, eliciting the same kind of numbing soul-sadness as children’s beauty pageants, tiny dogs in expensive boots, and Mahatma Gandhi in Apple ads” — Carina Chocano, LOS ANGELES TIMES

Darkness: “About as chilling as an unplugged refrigerator.” — Elias Sevade, FILM THREAT

As my piece on information overload and copyright chugs toward final publication, a site like this makes me all the happier to be on the side of categorizers, filters, and reviewers. And as someone who always tended to like literary criticism better than literature, I wonder: does the reviewer exist to help us find films, or do the films exist as foils for the reviewers?

PS: To redeem myself for that heresy, I’ll link to Tim Wu on the vital future of film finding.