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Parents and Misbehaving Children

I just saw in Newsweek (July 18, Periscope) an “offenses index” that lists the fines/damages that parents can face if their children misbehave.  Leading the list of monetary fines (there is also listed a 6 months jail sentence in Kansas for allowing underage drinking at home) was “illegal downloads,” with a fine of “up to $150,000.”  Next was “weapons” in California (up to $30,000 “if someone is killed or injured because a child was allowed access to a weapon,” followed by vandalism in Arkansas (a mere $15,000).  So, according to this list, the worst thing a parent can do is give his or her child access to a Internet-connected computer that gets used to download infringing material.  It’s apparently worse than giving him or her access to a gun that is used to shoot someone. Interesting priorities.