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Presidential Candidates: New Hampshire Doing a Good Job

For better or for worse New Hampshire has a special place in Presidential politics. I visited New Hampshire over Thanksgiving because some close friends had just moved there. I learned that yes when it is cold and bleak one may be more thankful. I also learned that New Hampshire takes its role quite seriously. My friends noted the number of signs for a whole range of candidates and that as he started to know his neighbors he was impressed with how they saw their job as one of testing and probing candidates. Then with NPR on in the background one morning I noticed that John Edwards was on and thought nothing of it; just another candidate offering sound bites. Yet, as I finished breakfast and chatted with my friends I noticed something odd. Edwards was still on the radio and had expressed some detailed views about energy and other matters. The interview lasted for about an hour. That’s right an hour. I would love such an exchange (which is also the name of the show) on my local radio. Luckily the Internet in all its glory allows one to access these interviews (though not all the candidates have been on the show). Here’s how. Go to New Hampshire public radio’s site for the Primary. On the left side is a navigation bar. The Candidates link offers a page that has links to individual Candidate pages. Click on an individual candidate and news, interviews, speeches, and multimedia are available. This site is great and offers a central spot to dive into the Presidential race.

This site is great and offers a central spot to dive into the Presidential race and enjoy each candidate’s truthiness.

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