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Virtual Zoning

A while ago, I mentioned here that Reuters was reporting how Linden Lab was thinking of introducing zoning into Second Life. Well, now they’ve gone and done it, again reported by Reuters.  Luckily for Second Life residents, virtual lawns can be programmed to mow themselves — the concern here is with affirmative acts of blatant advertising. According to Linden: “Current policy allows adverts which ruin the view and depress land values for nearby Residents which is just not acceptable.”  The answer to the situation, says the official Linden blog, is this:

[W]e plan to create different areas with different covenants in place that are actively enforced by Linden Lab; basically this means Zoning.

Someone once said:

Ugliness is so grim.  A little beauty, something that is lovely, I think, can help create harmony which will lessen tensions.

A little more information about that person here.  The insight might make good policy for virtual worlds too, I suppose.  Good luck to Linden in its efforts to beautify its little corner of cyberspace.