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My RSS feeds

In response to Mike and Ann’s meme, I’m not going to tag anyone new, but I think sharing non-legal RSS feeds is all good. So I suggest:

Pasta & Vinegar. Cognitive scientist Nicolas Nova’s research blog.  Very interesting stuff.

Google Blogoscoped. I try to keep up, given that Scott McCloud sometimes sends important comic strips there.  This is a must read for serious Google watchers.

Lines and Colors.  Daily dose of illustration.

Dark Roasted Blend. Daily dose of photography.  (This has replaced Boing Boing for me.)

Clive Thompson on tumblr. I actually liked his lapsed blog better, but his tumblr feed has its own appeal.  Update: So, one day after I mention the  6-month hiatus, Clive has his blog back up in business.  Thanks, Clive, I will never doubt again.

Generally, I tend to keep a relevant list of 20-30 legal and news-related RSS feeds on tap that are directly tied to whatever I’m researching (for the moment, that would trademark and virtual law).

But beyond that, I find I read blogs a lot less now than I used to read them a couple years ago.  It isn’t that there isn’t good stuff out there–the blogosphere is actually a lot more interesting today than it was a few years ago, I think.  It’s that reading books seems to offer better returns in the long run.