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Tales of the Anti-Wedding and A Story For Fun: AKA Forays Into Negotiation

The Washington Post has rather funny story about the anti-wedding. As someone who has been best man three times, in a few more wedding parties, and officiated a wedding, the idea that these two women sought the task of planning the anti-wedding amuses me. Of course the attorney within loved the negotiations with food stores, parks, and more as they strove to find a place to hold the event (a consult with the ACLU was needed as they sorted the location issue). A protest about death and taxes helped the cause.

On a different, yet oddly related, note, John Scalzi (for whom I was best man) has a free story up on Subterranean Press. John’s post about the writing and payment is a curious example of just how fast digital media companies can move. The story is called Denise Jones, Super Booker. It is a tale of the woman who books super heroes for their, well, their gigs. She is “the Super Hero Booking Coordinator for the International Society of Super Beings, formerly the National League of Super Beings, formerly The Liberty Friends.” Let’s just say that the law yet again appears. Enjoy. Laugh. Share.

Last, check out Subterranean in general. It is a “specialty publisher[] in the horror, suspense, and dark mystery genres” and a fine example of how a smaller publisher can be successful despite the consolidation of much of the book publishing world.