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Testicular Cancer Awareness

Found the above in the comments thread here. Many feminists, myself included, are pretty fed up with the way companies commodify “breast cancer awareness” by adding pink to their products and radiating a faux spirit of sisterhood to ratchet up their sales. One of the best essays on this topic is Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Welcome to Cancerland.” Another good one is here. The first link is to a post that observes:

The latest in the Mmm, Sexy Pink Breast Cancer! Save The Boobies Awareness sweepstakes comes from Mount Franklin, purveyors of pointless, wasteful, plastic-ridden, environmentally unfriendly bottled water.

And then it deconstructs this monstrosity:


I’m kind of curious what this bottled water company is going to come up with to market awareness of cervical cancer.