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“Sarkozy sues over voodoo doll”

From here:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is suing a company that sells voodoo dolls in his image along with pins to stick in them and a satirical biography, court officials said Thursday.

The same company also sells a similar kit with a doll resembling Socialist standard-bearer Segolene Royal, whom Sarkozy beat in last year’s presidential election.

The Sarkozy and Royal dolls have slogans and quotes from the politicians printed on various parts of their bodies. They have been on sale since the start of the month and at 13 euros (17 dollars) apiece.

Sarkozy’s lawyer, arguing that the president had the exclusive right to his image, had earlier called on the makers to withdraw the dolls from sale, but the company refused to do so.

The president this year sued the Irish low cost airline Ryanair for using his image in an ad.