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Symbolic Control — Movie Studio Logos Over Time

As many of you know I love films and pop culture. They intersect with trademark and copyright all the time. As far as the idea that the symbols are consistent and always or only communicates what the purveyor of the mark wishes, I have doubts. For example, 20th Century Fox has music, “20th Century Fanfare,” that many know. Yet, for me, I hear that music and still think that a moment later John Williams’ score to Star Wars should commence.

I am not saying that the logos don’t indicate source. I am saying that these symbols evolve. Indeed, the Neatorama blog has a history of studio logos that illustrates the way some logos changed over time. Most seem like small changes and are interesting as samples of changing styles. But take a look at Warner Bros. That one has gone through some interesting shifts. So take a trip down memory lane and maybe relive the opening to a favorite film.