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Lessig is Hibernating His Blog

He explains why here. This particular section caught my attention:

Some very good friends — Theo Armour and M. David Peterson — have been volunteering time to do the mechanics of site maintenance. That has gotten overwhelming. Theo estimates that 1/3 of the 30,000 comments that were posted to the blog over these 7 years were fraudsters. He’s been working endlessly to remove them. At one point late last year, Google kicked me off their index because too many illegal casino sites were linking from the bowels of my server. I know some will respond with the equivalent of “you should have put bars on your windows and double bolted locks on your front door.” Maybe. Or maybe had legislatures devoted 1/10th the energy devoted to the copyright wars to addressing this muck, it might be easier for free speech to be free.

Larry’s point is well taken. When women are physically attacked, they are often faulted for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the wrong clothing, or not having enough locks or security mechanisms in their homes or cars. Or for not carrying a gun, or mace. Or for not having studied self-defense.

When women are attacked online, lied about, threatened, targeted for DoS attacks or other malicious activities, they also get blamed for bringing this on themselves. But victimized women aren’t the problem. Their attackers are, in real space and online. And it would be nice to see legislatures or law enforcement address this muck too.