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Cyberlaw Without PowerPoint

Today, I participated in a terrific symposium at the Denver University School of Law based on Danielle Citron’s work on Cyber Civil Rights.  Two aspects of this symposium are particularly noteworthy, outside of the extremely interesting substance and the great group of speakers collected together by Danielle and the editors of the Denver University Law Review.

The first point of note was the idea of organizing a symposium based around one particular scholar’s recent work.  While this has obviously been done before, I’m not aware of it being done very often in the cyberlaw area and I really enjoyed it.

The other point – and I was not the only person to make this observation – was that this was an entire day long symposium about cyberlaw with only ONE PowerPoint presentation.  The rest of the day was broken up into short papers interspersed with commentators and audience Q&A sessions.  It goes to show that even cyberlawyers can interface in person when we have to.

Congratulations to Danielle and the Denver University Law Review for their terrific work today.  More information about the symposium including a full list of speakers is available here.