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Hybrid Toys: Now There’s a Crazy Idea (or two)

While attempting a family vacation last week, I was confronted with evenings watching seemingly endless ads on the Cartoon channel.  A couple of (oft-repeated) ads caught my eye as being newly marketed toys that are based on combining two well-known older toys.  The main examples – and, boy, did I see a lot of ads for them! – were the Yo-Be (a cross between a Frisbee and a yo-yo) and the Yo-Ball (a cross between a ball and a yo-yo).  I started wondering what other hybrid toys one could make from our popular childhood pursuits.  I was thinking, partly as an outlet for my pent up aggravation at being forced to watch all these advertisements by my children, that one could come up with some really stupid and dangerous concepts along these lines.  For example, you could cross the game of knucklebones (or jacks) with darts and have to catch piercing dart points in your hand instead of smooth knuckle-shaped objects.  Or you could combine stilts with pogo sticks and try bouncing around on two springing poles.  Any other concepts along these lines anyone might want to share?