Fair Use Education

The battle to define fair use for lay purposes continues.  Back in April, YouTube posted a “Copyright School” video, explaining the limits of fair use in YT terms and making attendance at “Copyright School” mandatory if YT receives a takedown notice in connection with a user’s video.  Completion of “Copyright School” removes a strike from the user’s account and delays the possibility of the account being suspended for copyright violations.  Read the YT policy here; go to “Copyright School” here; the Copyright School video is below.

Public Knowledge took exception with YT’s characterization of the fair use doctrine and sponsored a contest to identify the best *better* video describing fair use in layperson’s terms.

The winner of the PK contest was announced yesterday.  The PK announcement is here. The PK alternative Copyright School video — “Fair Use School” —  is below.

One thought on “Fair Use Education

  1. This is an excellent piece of work. An excellent companion piece to the Disney “Fair(y) Use Tale.” Great on both fair use and the DMCA take down counter notices.

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