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“This Is the (Remix of the) Remix”

Pitchfork has an article about the Tesla Orchestra, a group of people looking to share their love of Tesla coils by using them to play musical tracks.  Tesla coils, to refresh your memory of high school physics class, are disruptive discharge transformer coils that shoot out bolts of electricity.   In its Open Spark Project, The Tesla Orchestra accepts submissions of music, which it then turns into digital pulses and plays through large tesla coils.  Gregg Gillis, better known in music and copyright circles as Girl Talk, submitted his track “This Is the Remix” to be played in the Open Spark Project.  On the Tesla Orchestra’s website they quote an article from Wired Magazine:  “First, mashup maestro Girl Talk deconstructed pop music into an entirely new art form.  Now that art form is being deconstructed again through the wizardry of Tesla coils.”

This remix-of-a-remix can be seen at the beginning of the 40 minute Tesla coil concert here.