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Hooters files suit against Twin Peaks restaurants

OK, at some level I understand that this is a serious lawsuit. As reported by the AP, Hooters has accused a former executive of taking confidential information to his new employer, rival Twin Peaks restaurants.

Now, I’d never heard of Twin Peaks restaurants before (do I smell some kind of trademark or dilution claim out there concerning the show?), but the AP describes Twin Peaks as a competitor that also features “scantily clad women serving casual food.” A quick Google image search of “Twin Peaks Restaurant” will (ahem) reveal that Twin Peaks waitresses wear uniforms that share certain design similarities with Hooters’ uniforms.

So let me get this straight…Hooters is claiming that Twin Peaks and the former Hooters executive are illegally competing against Hooters by taking the super-secret key to Hooters’ success. Huh? People don’t already know the key to Hooters’ success? And all this time I thought that people went to Hooters for the super-secret seasoning in their cuisine.