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I’m Back, No Really

Yet again I say I am back. We’ll see how long it lasts; but as I will be moving closer to work, I am sanguine.

One reason I came to Google was to see what I might be missing. Cafes and more? Sure. But food for me is the tech knowledge that I, a humble unfrozen caveman lawyer, lack. Thanks to my colleagues, a little osmosis, and an environment that fosters learning, I have gained at least some new knowledge. Now, I thought about keeping it all for me and writing from my secret treasure chest/crystal ball of knowledge. But that’s lame. And really, given that the resources are public stuff, not even reality. Besides one of my hopes was to share core knowledge that might be useful to anyone writing/thinking about tech, so that whole “It’s mine! All mine!” idea from watching Daffy Duck (maybe it’s the initials that prompted it) died within seconds of it crossing my mind.

So, in the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about articles, books, and ideas that I hope will inform and help understanding in some tech areas. These are my views. Not Google’s. In other words, attribution to my employer is foolish.