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If God Had Wanted Man to Fly…Turns Out Someone Is Giving Us Wings

Calling China Mieville and Perdido Street Station fans. TechCrunch reports on Jarno Smeets, a man who wants to fly with wings, and he has done it! Apparently Wii and HTC devices are part of the invention. He had a test flight in January. And, as the video below shows, he flapped and took flight. I hope this is not a hoax (and even if it is I am rather happy right now and enjoy the idea of winged flight). As Tech Crunch invoked “Orville, Wilbur, and Leo Da Vinci,” I wonder whether we will see a rush of hobbyists improving on Smeets idea and winged flight clubs opening up. Given that I distrust biking to work because drivers and cyclists fail miserably in their respect for the laws and each other around where I live, I love the idea of flying to work without an engine. Probably far off as a dream (though I will bet that someone at Google will try soon). Anyway enjoy and remember you can fly perhaps now without pixie dust.