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Rock on Science Research!: Solid Walls of Sound and Printable Speakers

Printable speakers? Yes. Printable speakers. When I heard about this new ability (video below), the phrase “solid walls of sound” from Bennie and the Jets popped into my head. Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound describes a music production technique. The printable speaker makes it a literal, albeit thin, wall. The video shows bottles beng used as speakers. The print technology also opens the door to printing solar cells. For those who demand a serious note, consider how any politician claiming to be able to create jobs can plausibly address the replicator world into which we are stepping. Imagine printing speaker. Cool. Imagine less need for someone to make them. Less cool from that whole jobs front. Nonetheless, watch the video and see what may be coming to a printer near you. (Not right away but in five years perhaps).