Some Highlights of the Whirlwind Tour of the Madison/Marquesen Family in 2010.

Where were the Madisons? In 2010, we were all over the place: From Boston to San Diego, New Orleans to Chicago, and Munich to London, 2010 kept us on the road and in the air, almost always for good and fun reasons. Kate began the year in Minnesota, spent her Spring term on a study-abroad program in London, taught middle school students for the Breakthrough Collaborative in Pittsburgh over the Summer, and started her senior year back in Minnesota, at Carleton, in the Fall. Dave left Goucher College and completed Summer and Fall terms at the University of Pittsburgh. He is now a declared film major as a sophomore, working two part-time jobs on the side. Susan led the Master Gardeners of Allegheny County through an outstanding year of programming and found time to travel with Mike, who roadtripped for teaching and presenting his scholarship and for Yale. (Mike was elected chair of the board of governors of the Association of Yale Alumni.) They started the year at the AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans and traveled together to Washington, DC, San Francisco (twice), London (to visit Kate!), New Haven (for Yale), Munich (where Mike again taught a two-week summer course at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center), and Iowa/Minnesota/Illinois (to visit family, deliver Kate to Carleton, and visit friends in Chicago). There was solo travel, too. Dave spent a week in New York City in August; Susan vacationed on Cape Cod in October (with wonderful friends from California!); Mike spent time in New York, Washington, DC, Boston, and San Diego.

From time to time, we enjoyed the comforts of home in Pittsburgh!

Enjoy some photos!

Dave and his buddy Ansel built a snow cave in our backyard and set up an XBox during the February snowcalypse.

Dave in the snow in our frontyard during the February snowcalypse.

Kate and Susan on Portobello Road, London, May.

Susan, Kate, and Mike on the London Eye, London, May.

Mike, Kate, and a bunch of Yalies at the Yale Day of Service project in London (Marylebone Women's Center), May.

A visit to Pittsburgh from our dear friend Sally Longyear, June.

A visit to Pittsburgh by our dear friends the Harris family, July. Backyard fireworks! (Photo by Dave)

A visit to Kennywood with the Harrises. Kate on the Kangaroo.

More Kennywood with the Harrises. Mike and Kate (partially hidden, to Mike's right) on the Thunderbolt. Arms up!

Susan and Mike at the Zugspitze, above Garmisch-Partenkirchen, south of Munich, July.

Susan and friends Fran and Debbie at Cape Cod, October.

Kate, Susan, and Mike at the Carleton/St. Olaf football game, Northfield, Minnesota, October.

Mike and Susan with new Carleton College president Steven Poskanzer at the Yale/Princeton football game, New Haven, Connecticut, November.

Susan and Mike at the Yale Medal dinner, New Haven, Connecticut, November.

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Last edited: December 19, 2010