2011 in Pictures for the Madison/Marquesen Family.

2011 again found the Madisons all over the country - even all over the globe. From Durham, North Carolina to Northfield, Minnesota, from Boston and Chatham (Cape Cod), Massachusetts to New York and Los Angeles, and from Munich and Montreal to Beijing, and even occasionally in Pittsburgh, we worked and played and celebrated.

Kate began the year in Minnesota and graduated from Carleton College (in Northfield) in June. In August she relocated to Williamsburg, Virginia, just east of Richmond, where she started graduate school at the College of William & Mary. She is studying Early American History.

Dave completed three more terms at the University of Pittsburgh, putting him just ahead of schedule as a junior, with a double major in Film and in Communication (Rhetoric). Dave worked part-time in an IT position and used his savings from that job to buy a motorcycle. Dave also turned 21 this year, which meant that all four of us could have legal glasses of wine at our celebratory dinner.

Susan concluded her term as president of the Penn State Master Gardeners of Allegheny County and added another certification, as a Penn State Master Food Preserver, and traveled with Mike to Boston, Northfield, Munich, Williamsburg, and Chatham. Throughout, she maintained our large, diverse, and productive garden, taught courses in the Pittsburgh area on canning and preserving - and filled all of our cupboards with yummy edibles that she grew and preserved.

Mike taught at Pitt in the Spring and was awarded a sabbatical from teaching during the Fall. That time off enabled additional travel to support his teaching and scholarship (Montreal, in May; Munich, in July; New York and Washington, DC, in September; and Chatham, with Susan, for the entire month of October). He also continued to travel as part of his role as the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Association of Yale Alumni. Yale took him (or he took Yale) to Durham (home of Duke University), Boston (Harvard), New Haven, New York, Los Angeles, and (best of all) to Beijing, where he participated in the Yale Global Alumni Leadership Exchange (YaleGALE).

From time to time, we enjoyed the comforts of home and garden in Pittsburgh. In August, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

Here are photos!

Kate graduates from Carleton College. June 2011. Her parents were there, along with her grandfather. Dave's flights were delayed, and he wasn't able to attend.

Kate and Susan in our favorite Northfield restaurant, Hogan Brothers. June 2011.

Kate and Mike on the Carleton campus. June 2011.

Susan and Mike in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany (not far from Munich). July 2011.

Susan on the old city wall, Rothenburg ob der Tauber. July 2011.

Susan and Mike in the Bavarian Alps. July 2011.

Mike at the Forbidden City, Beijing. July 2011.

Mike with friend and colleague Ed Sevilla, at the Great Wall. July 2011.

Susan and Mike on the beach in Chatham, Massachusetts. October 2011.

Lizzie and Susan on the beach at Chatham. October 2011.

Susan on the beach at Chatham. October 2011.

Susan and Mike at the Jamestown settlement, near Williamsburg, Virginia. November 2011.

They met in the Fall of 1979. This year, they all turned 50. Ed Scofield, Mike, and Mark Plotkin.

Promotional photo for the fourth Yale Global Day of Service (May 12, 2012). From left: Jimmy Lu (Association of Yale Alumni Vice-Chair); Linda Lorimer (Yale Vice President and Secretary); Mike (AYA Chair); Rick Levin (Yale President); Jack Thomas (Yale Alumni Fund Chair); Randy Nelson (Yale Alumni Fund Vice Chair). Taken in Commons, at Yale, during the November 2011 AYA Assembly.

Pallies of the Rockies came to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. Niece/cousin Carly Taylor, Susan, Kate, and brother/brother in law/uncle Matt Madison. November 2011.

Dave at 21. December 2011.

Dave at 21 (2). December 2011.

Dave at 21 (3). December 2011.

Family portrait. December 2011.

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