2013: A Year of Selfies for the Madison/Marquesen Family.

Last year's note was long! This year, we'll be brief.

Mike (Twitter: @profmadison) is still teaching at the University of Pittsburgh. Susan (Twitter: not yet!) is still volunteering as a Penn State Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver. Kate (Twitter: @misskatemadison) is working at the Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley, living at home, letting her Whovian flag fly, and plotting a move to Louisville, Kentucky to launch a teaching career. Dave (Twitter: @cinestalgic) has just one more year of college at Pitt, finishing majors in Film and Communications - Rhetoric and a minor in Political Science. He invests a lot of his spare hours in Panther Racing / Formula SAE, a race car program at Pitt's Swanson School of Engineering. All four of us had many more ups than downs in 2013.

We are grateful that time, health, and other resources again made it possible for us to travel - a lot. Mike and Susan went to London (and, nearby, Oxford; Henley; and Taplow); Paris; Munich; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Squam Lake (New Hampshire); Hartford; and New Haven. On his own, Mike saw Boston; New York; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Bloomington, IN; Denver; and Tuscon. Kate returned to Minnesota; both Kate and Dave had adventures in Michigan.

Here are photos!

Mike and Susan on the River Thames, upriver from Brunel's celebrated Maidenhead Bridge (background), June 2013.

Photo, boat, and tour of the river courtesy of our wonderful cousins and hosts Keith and Julie Cornell.

Mike and Susan at the Bridge of Sighs, Oxford University, June 2013.

Susan and Mike on the Seine, on the Bateau Mouche, Paris, June 2013.

Susan and Mike at the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens), Paris, June 2013.

Mike and Susan at Marienplatz, Munich, July 2013.

Mike and Susan at the Alte Botanischer Garten (Old Botanic Garden), Munich, July 2013.

Kate returns to Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and pays a visit to a statute of the late, beloved Toff the Cat in the Carleton Library, May 2013.

Dave takes possession of a new vehicle, a Scion TC. August 2013.

Dave takes the racecar out for a spin.

Dave and Kate join a family birthday celebration, December 2013.

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