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Star Wars Stuff

Are you put off by the merchandizing blitz accompanying the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode III? I’m not; I actually like the fact that people are still so into this thing. The movies are hokey at times, and boring at others. But there is a real story there, and we respond to that.

I was a teenager in 1977 when the original Star Wars came out, and I remember standing in long lines to see that film over and over. A friend and I drove to San Francisco one day to see “Darth Vader” in person, making a special appearance at Macy’s. And I remember disliking ET when it came out in 1982, because it struck me as such an obvious and bad rip-off of the Star Wars theme. Elliott even played with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker figurines.

I’m also so jazzed about the fact that The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy finally made it to the big screen that I’m re-reading all five books of the trilogy.