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Louis Vuitton at Yale

Since Martin Schwimmer took The Trademark Blog off of Bloglines, I don’t get over there very much, but I looked in this morning and found this great photo of guerrilla Louis Vuitton symbols chalked on the stone walkway in front of Yale’s Sterling Library. In late April, LawMeme waxed indignant about appropriation of the University’s property in support of what appears to be a coordinated, if not necessarily LV-“authorized” marketing bit.

I was in New Haven the weekend that the paving got tagged, and (a) pretty much no one noticed this bit of corporate graffiti except (b) some students who appropriated what looked like vaguely medieval symbols as part of games that seemed to involve human chess pieces and, at times, Frisbees and ordinary playground balls (think: foursquare), and, of course, the students who produce LawMeme.