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Ken Jennings Goes Down

I don’t have time to watch Jeopardy much these days, but the Ken Jennings / Brad Rutter Jeopardy Ultimate Tournament of Champions smackdown over the last three days was riveting, can’t-miss TV. Sort of like Bo and Carrie, only for trivia-loving geeks. Go Brad! We remember you from the Million Dollar Tournament. Our whole family was rooting for you. Ken never had a chance.

Speaking of trivia-loving geeks, one member of my own long-ago Jeopardy contestant group made the Ultimate Tournament: Babu Srinivasan, one of the least arrogant five-day champions I’ve ever seen. Babu lost in an early round via a Final Jeopardy spelling error. But nothing seems to keep Babu down. Check out what he has to say; he doesn’t use much of a filter, so win, lose, or draw, his stuff is hysterical. I have a feeling that Alex will find a way to bring Babu back again.