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Guest Blogging

For the next two weeks, I’m guest-blogging over at The Conglomerate, the home of Gordon Smith, Christine Hurt, and Vic Fleischer.

The whole guest-blogging “thing” is an interesting phenomenon, because I can’t get my head around the right metaphor to describe it. It’s not quite like being a guest on a virtual talk show, because I get more than a single two-minute stand-up shot. It’s not quite like being a guest host on talk show, either. It occurs to me that it’s a little bit like being a guest star on The Love Boat or Fantasy Island, though I’m reluctant to spin out all of the implications of that line of thought. Or, maybe it’s like being the guest host of Saturday Night Live.

That’s it, then. Over at The Conglomerate, I’m Steve Martin for the next two weeks. Coming next: cat juggling!