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The Rhetoric of Free Culture

What do we call the kids?

Grant McCracken puzzles over a reference in a recent talk by Sony CEO to “the push and pull generation.” That phrase means, apparently, pirate kids — ones who don’t respect authors as they download and rip at will. (Grant is riffing on Brad Hill’s coverage. )

What does “push and pull” mean?

Is Stringer channelling Dr. Doolittle? Or is he really channeling Larry Lessig? In his most recent Financial Times piece, Larry argues that the free culture movement needs to gear up to protect what he calls the “Read-Write Internet,” the technology that allows true amateurs to create as well as to experience.

Can we call these kids the “Read-Write” generation? Is the Real-Write generation really the push-and-pull generation by another name? Has Howard Stringer — undoubtedly without intending to — put his finger on the very same policy issue that Larry wants us to focus on?