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Open Access Scholarship

Tomorrow, Lewis & Clark Law School (where I teach) will host a conference entitled “Open Access Publishing and the Future of Legal Scholarship.” It’s the second annual Spring Symposium for the Lewis & Clark Law Review. In addition to the materials you’ll find at the web page for the conference itself, I’ve created a set of pages where you can learn more about open access scholarship and publishing. Check it out …

1 thought on “Open Access Scholarship”

  1. I have not yet read all of the draft papers, which are posted on Larry Solum’s Legal Theory blog, but I did read Mike’s paper, Open Access and the Idea of the Law Review. Definitely an interesting read – it’s thought-provoking and laced with a sense of humor. I am not sure whether law professors and reviews are slow to adopt open access for the reasons Mike suggests; he may be right. But Mike’s thoughts on the legal academy’s constructed “economy of prestige” are worth reading.

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