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Two Conferences on Blogs and Law

In quick succession, there were *two* provocative conferences on blogs and law over the last ten days, one, on the left coast, from the practitioner side (“Blog Law and Blogging for Lawyers”), and one, on the right coast, from the scholarly side (“Bloggership: How Blogs Are Transforming Legal Scholarship”).

Cathy Kirkman as WSG&R links to several posts about the first, including liveblogging by Joe Gratz and by David Maizenberg. The conference was co-hosted by Cathy and Dennis Crouch, who has his own summary and some links at Patently O.

Liveblogging and commentary about the Bloggership conference includes Gordon Smith, Christine Hurt, Michael Froomkin (and Michael’s slides, here), Eric Muller, Larry Solum (more here (with summaries of other presentations), and Ann Althouse, and Doug Berman. Tim Armstrong also summarizes the whole thing.

Recursive update (5/1): Michael Froomkin posts a list of links to ongoing post-“Bloggership” metablogging, much of which has a somewhat unsettling “why are we here” tone. The post-“Blog Law” metablogging seems to be much less anxiety-ridden. The difference does not surprise me.