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Student-Run Specialty IP and Tech Law Journals

The student editors of the University of Pittsburgh’s Journal of Technology Law & Policy, an online-only specialty IP and tech law journal, have posted the Spring 2007 issue, which includes several timely pieces — including an article on the correct interpretation of Section 271(f) of the Patent Act, which is now before the Supreme Court in Microsoft v. AT&T.

Pitt’s TLP, as we call it, has been around for seven years, and it has taken just about that long for the journal to get institutional traction, that is, to attract sufficient persistent interest from both students and external authors that the journal has a shot at adding value to law/policy debates.  Often, student-run specialty journals merely add text.  Trying to maintain a sensible text-to-value ratio, this year’s TLP board was able to act in part on a long-standing suggestion of mine:  publishing shorter, punchier student-written pieces on timely law/policy questions.  In the future, I’m hoping that at least some of this material addresses questions of particular interest to the Pittsburgh region.