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Microsoft Going After Open Source?

In the film, Patton, there is a scene where Patton is pushing his troops to extremes so that he can beat Montgomery in taking control of Sicily. When one of his commanders questions him, he quotes Frederick the Great as saying “L’audace. L’audace. Toujours l’audace” (though I think Danton is the true source and it was “de l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace.”). Well, if this article is accurate about Microsoft claiming that free and open-source software violates at least 235 Microsoft patents, my guess is that in the future the quote will be attributed to Gates or Ballmer. Eben Moglen compares the conflict to Waterloo. Here are some key claims regarding infringement (and yes, the idea is to obtain royalties down the line):

that the Linux kernel – the deepest layer of the free operating system, which interacts most directly with the computer hardware – violates 42 Microsoft patents. The Linux graphical user interfaces – essentially, the way design elements like avrupa yakası escort the Fortune 500 are thought to be using the free operating system Linux in their data centers.” Whatever the number, corporations use the software at issue and may want Microsoft to lose but fear the rulings from such a result.

I am sure many of you follow this area more closely than I, so any thoughts are much appreciated.