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EPL and YouTube

Now that Mike has raised the topic soccer, I thought I’d say a word about the English Premier League’s suit against YouTube for copyright infringement.  Although I haven’t seen the complaint (nor the one involving Vicacom), I imagine that the case will test the inducement cause of action recognized in Grokster and the applicability of the DMCA section 512 safe harbors.  Personally, I don’t think that YouTube fits Grokster’s conception of inducement, even though I can see the argument why.

I’m actually a little surprised that the EPL has brought this suit.  Yes, of course they own copyrights in the video clips that get posted and they could claim significant damages if they win.  But in fact, I think the soccer clips do a escort great deal to raise fan interest in soccer (and the EPL).  The youths who watch these videos on YouTube are anadolu yakası escort gradually being convinced that soccer is a great spectator sport.  I doubt they’re watching these videos instead of Fox Soccer Channel.  Instead, I think that the videos encourage them to watch.