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Video Games turn 40

When I finally obtained an iPod, I noticed videogames like Parachute and Brick. Now I didn’t quite have a petite madeleine moment, but I did flashback to playing the games on an Apple II when I was a kid. Those old games drove a large part of technology and commerce (through booms and busts), and IP law has traveled along for the past 40 years. Yes, 40 years; videogames are 40. So take a read and have fun seeing how corporate executives had to convince management at a defense contractor in New Hampshire (yes, New Hampshire) that escort creating games to play on televisions was a good use of resources. The article offers some nice history about engineering notebooks, early patents, and oh yeah how the folks who created the first videogame failed to make money from their Odyssey console but a little company called Atari mecidiyeköy escort based its second game, Pong, “directly on a demonstration of the Odyssey [] witnessed on May 24, 1972 at a dealer and press exposition of the new console in California.” I hear Atari did pretty well with that.

Hat Tip: Slashdot

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  1. Video games can’t possibly be 40, because I’ve been playing them since almost the first home Pong game, and I’m only …. oh. Hmmmm.

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