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The New Creativity

The Amazon reviews of Tuscan Whole Milk are almost uniformly frivolous, and fun. Here’s a sample:

On the nose this milk is exceptionally elegant. Dominant floral notes (mint and white flowers) mingle with hints of fresh fruit (citrus fruits, fresh almonds). As it undergoes aeration, riper notes of vanilla and nougat come to the fore, giving a pleasant roundness to the milk. At this stage a typical whole milk characteristic, crisp elegance, clearly prevails over aromatic strength.

In the mouth, the milk, especially in the gallon size, reveals its true personality. Fruity notes (white peaches, grapefruit and bergamot) dominate an energetic attack on the palate, which is prolonged by the structure and roundedness of the milk. The balance, a combination of freshness and vigour, is ideal. With a finish that is extremely persistent and clean, mineral notes add force to this noble cow juice.

Perhaps I was just primed by recent discussions of a book on the philosophy of wine-tasting. I’d long dismissed that hobby as unduly promoting expensive tastes. But I suppose it also provides a nice jumping-off point for some surreal satire of a ratings-mad consumer culture.

Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan.