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Alaska Doesn’t Have a Law School

But John Havelock thinks it should:

For a generation, Alaska has been the only state that does not maintain at least one law school. Considering the force of Alaska’s identity as an exceptional, independent state with a unique economy and social structure, this is strange.

But Alaska does have a law review.  Why is it at Duke?

The Alaska Bar Association recognizes a need for a scholarly publication devoted specifically to issues affecting Alaska. Alaska does not, however, have a state law school so the Alaska Bar selected Duke University School of Law to publish the Alaska Law Review.

So I imagine that if Alaska gets its own law school, the Alaska Law Review will be relocated.

1 thought on “Alaska Doesn’t Have a Law School”

  1. This reminds me of the surreal street corners in DC. I like the idea of living at the intersection of Florida, Georgia, and New York Avenues. . . which I think happens somewhere in NE.

    I’m surprised Ted Stevens didn’t get some earmarked appropriation taking care of this.

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