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Law and Lakoff at Pitt

The PR about this conference is going out way late, so I volunteered to multiply the message a bit:

Next Friday, February 8, Pitt Law is hosting a terrific one-day symposium titled “The 21st Century Brain: Why It Matters for the Academic and Political Worlds.”  If you’re in the area, please try to stop by.

The keynote will be delivered by George Lakoff, the Berkeley linguist with an affection for metaphor.  Professor Lakoff earned popular fame a few years ago with “Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate.”  In a number of pieces, I’ve used bits of Lakoff’s work to construct arguments in IP and Internet law and policy contexts.

Lakoff will be joined by an all-star lineup of legal scholars, linguists, and rhetoriticians, including Ed Rubin (Dean at Vanderbilt), Steven Winter (Wayne State), and my colleague George Taylor, who is organizing the event.  A full lineup appears at the PDF invitation, which is online here (sorry, no HTML, even though I asked!).

That PDF also gives instructions on RSVP’ing for the event (register here — it’s free, unless you want PA CLE credit, and then it’s all of $50).,