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“Limitations and Exceptions” Orthodoxy

Copyright mavens must read Bill Patry’s post today on a “whispering campaign” in international circles trying to quash an emerging platform that would shore up the international framework for copyright’s limitations and exceptions — including, but hardly limited to, American-style fair use and its commonwealth cousin, fair dealing.  A taste:

The purpose of the movement is to chill the willingness of countries to enact fair use or liberal fair dealing provisions designed to genuinely further innovation and creativity, rather than, as is currently the case, merely to give lip service to those concepts as the scope of copyright is expanded to were-rabbit size.

What’s the fuss about?  Take a look through these links, which describe recent activity at the WIPO Copyright Committee — and specifically a proposal advanced again by Chile, among other states — by which the Committee would undertake a review of limitations and exceptions.  Fair use, fair dealing, and related interests may become lively topics at the international level.    Harmonization, anyone?